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Fijit recognizes over 30 keywords and responds with over 150 phrases.

She also love to dance with you—play any music and she grooves to the beat with her hilariously fidgety body.

She is squishy soft, and-So huggable and is eager to make you lol.

Responds to UK and Irish accents and is recommended age 6 years and over.


Are you aware of the Fijit Friends toy phenomenon?. Have you been living under a rock?.

Fijit Friends are Interactive, soft, squishy, huggable and best of all they all respond to their masters voice.
Play some music and watch how they jiggle about all over the place and make for some truly priceless moments. If you’re searching for hot toys on the caring and sharing side for your little Princess then look no further.

Each Fijit Friend has their own unique personality and this can affect the way she interacts with you. 
Willa the Trend-Setting Fijit is always one step ahead of the fashion crowd whilst Serafina the Sweetie Pie Fijit has a big heart and only wants to make you happy. 

It is no wonder these toys are expected to sell having been named in the Toy retailers Association top 12 toys.
Expect stock levels to be low and check our live stock and price checker below to grab this phenominal toy while you can!.


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